Art melding beauty, strength and elegance can be truly appreciated in three dimensions. Much of what is classified as “sculpture” within this website are large animal sculptures, always created with uncanny realism and sometimes with humor as well. Through his precise, detailed, and very realistic works, Roger DiTarando hints at the mysteries of nature while leaving the viewer anxiously waiting for more.

An exciting example of working with metal in a fiery forge, the bird is almost molten at its base. When heated metal be it steel or copper has a wonderful working quality, soft and malleable.

Sculpture Gallery

DiTarando sculptures are comprised of three basic methods of construction: cast bronze/lost wax, fabrication, and die forming. While these elements are often used individually, Roger will sometimes combine them to achieve a unique effect. The sculpture “Set for Life” (gallery - sculpture) is a good example of where all three types of construction are used. The simple, rounded carrot is die-formed. The bunny faces are constructed using the bronze/lost wax method in order to accurately sculpt their amazing detail. Finally, the leafy part of the carrot is fabricated of sheet bronze that is then cut and formed by hand.

A sculpture begins with a thought or concept, grows with further research and design, and finishes with construction. DiTarando sculptures are constructed of weatherproof non-ferrous, recycled metals (up to 95% recycled scrap) – such as copper, bronze and stainless steel – using a combination of welded-fabrication, die forming and casting. For a complete description of these techniques, please visit the METHODS page.



Adult Goats

Kid Goats

Rooster Series

Koi Fish 

Tortoise family

American Eagle


Bird Nest

Set For Life

Rain Chain

Hanging Bamboo

Copper and Bronze Panels

Historical Restoration's

Historical Revitalization


Gargoyle Light Fixture

Japanese Crane

Spirited Birds





New Haven Gates



Something to Look Forward To:

I have introduced a new way to communicate with periodic emails providing new works and a glimpse of “in studio” behind the scene works in progress. And, most importantly, a more personal interaction with clients showing the inspirational thoughts and ideas of how the sculptures evolve. Client feedback has been tremendous. Please join me in this endeavor and sign up to stay in touch!


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