The Peacock sculpture, vintage 1980 has also become available recently, for further information feel free to call. The sculpture is constructed of welded fabricated steel with brass and copper accents, it is an interior piece.

This Peacock will yield to no one, as it proudly struts while flaunting its regal feathers in full display, an expansive eight foot wide a height of over six and a half feet. It has in excess of two hundred individual layered feathers with highlights of purples, blues, reds and yellows; accent with proper lighting, it will be stunning! It took over three months to complete.

If you are in need of a prominent sculpture on a grand scale this exclusive piece is a rare find.

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blue, yellow, and brown wall decor

Something to Look Forward To:

I have introduced a new way to communicate with periodic emails providing new works and a glimpse of “in studio” behind the scene works in progress. And, most importantly, a more personal interaction with clients showing the inspirational thoughts and ideas of how the sculptures evolve. Client feedback has been tremendous. Please join me in this endeavor and sign up to stay in touch!


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