DiTarando Sculpture



It is not uncommon to find weathervanes in the home, garden or business, allowing such a property to reflect an element of personal expression. Rarely can an architectural element attract attention or raise the spirit as can a beautifully designed and constructed custom weathervane.

DiTarando weathervanes are extremely detailed and quite often become the topic of conversation. Whereas most weathervanes are comprised of 2-10 pieces, Rogerís carefully sculpted weathervanes can contain up to 60 individual elements. Each custom product is crafted with the finest recycled materials for all-season use so that every client can be confident that their weathervane will maintain its quality and value over the years. In addition, DiTarando weathervanes are not limited to display on top of a roof, but are frequently displayed as pieces of interest either on a pedestal in the garden, or on a fireplace mantel.

Within the GALLERY, you will notice a few weathervanes of interest:

Osprey Hawk with Fish
To showcase their new addition, the directors of the Cape Cod Academy (in Osterville, MA) commissioned the six-foot-plus weathervane. The copper and stainless steel osprey hawk, based on their school logo, graces the cupola, which also houses a 700 lb. cast bronze bell.

3 Sheets to the Wind
This weathervane was a whimsical interpretation concerning the befuddled, featherbrained, mull that occasionally envelopes the brain. This complex project consists of over 60 elements, including 6 cast-bronze and 11 die-formed copper or brass components per figure. The project required initial sculpture in clay, molds, dies and assembly.

Celestial Series
This continually growing series has been used as often as standing sculpture then as weathervanes. When displayed with the appropriate accoutrement and placed correctly in a landscape or garden they can become kinetic sculptures, flowing smoothly in the breeze.

Standing Indian
This weathervane was commissioned by Tunxis Plantation Golf Course (in Avon, CT), as a historically accurate piece that fused a relaxing atmosphere with spiritual tranquility. The scale of this project (10' tall, 7' wide, 300 lbs.) atop a 40' silo presented exciting challenges requiring both balance (the raised arm is filled with over 100 lbs of lead shot as a counterweight) and a structurally strong yet relatively light internal armature to enable it proper sensitivity to the wind. This weathervane is constructed of die-formed, welded sheet copper.