DiTarando Sculpture



Bring your garden to life or enhance the natural beauty of your home with a DiTarando sculpture. Appropriate for both indoor and outdoor settings, they are designed for longevity and require no special care. Imagine how any natural backdrop of sunshine, fall foliage, or snow can be further enhanced by the beauty of such a work.

One of Roger’s most recognized and decorative themes is that of the “Spirited Birds.” There are numerous variations of the "Spirited Bird" theme. With a combination of the basic bird form and textured branch stock, the “Spirited Bird” theme can be showcased as a wall mounted spray of branches with perching bird, an arbor arcing over a walkway, or a birdbath on a pedestal, creating a sense of whimsy in any homeowner’s property.

Browse the GALLERY for a sampling of all that Roger can create. Sculpture size and materials are listed with each image.

Every sculpture can be carefully crated and shipped countrywide via UPS, freight carrier, or FedEx. Shipping costs are determined based on sculpture size and weight, and delivery location. Please call or email to discuss design options and pricing.