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2018 Calendar of Events

Paradice City; Marlborough, MA
March 23-25

Paradice City; Northampton, MA
May 26-28

Rose Squared; Bloomfield, NJ
June 16-17

Rose Squared; Upper Montclair, NJ
September 15-16

Paradice City; Northampton, MA
October 7-9

Paradice City; Marlborough, MA
November 17-19

Rockville Public Library Globes

Originally light fixtures, two globes had adorned the front entrance to the Rockville Public Library for more than 100 years, until the fall of 2007, when they were stolen. Bob Hurd, president of the libraryís trustees, said the bronze spheres, replicas of the ones that were there, were replaced with the help of the libraryís insurance and the efforts of local architect and sculptor Roger DiTarando.

Roger had a fuzzy picture of the original globes, and had measured the green ring left on top of the pillars where they sat. From that, he was able to calculate the dimensions. "I sculpted the three fish (which form the "feet" of the spheres) in clay," he said. "I made molds and had them cast. The rest was fabricated from old bronze recycled hot water tanks, from the scrap yard, (some 30-40 years old). I cut, hammered, bent and welded them."

It took DiTarando about two months to complete the entire project. Security cameras are installed, keeping constant watch over the globes, to deter anyone from stealing them again. View video

Gates and Doors
Gate design and construction, along with interior/exterior doors, are Rogerís latest inspiration and focus. Starting with a flat frame as a base, an infinite variety of design elements can be incorporated to create a functional yet elegant custom addition to any home or landscape.

Several gates are currently under development in the studio. One employs a copper bamboo framework embellished with decorative Japanese cranes. Another is a simple woven style fabricated from sheet bronze, with a koi serving as both ornament and latch. A prototype is initially constructed in masonite and serves as a model. Aspects of each of these gates are illustrated on this page.

Gates come in a range of dimensions and styles, including half gates and full gates. Matching fence panels can be created to enhance and frame the sculpture. Ornamentation can vary according to theme and may include such elements as flowers, birds, and animals.

Please contact Roger if you would like to discuss the design of a gate or door for your home or business.