DiTarando Sculpture


And More

Roger DiTarando has spent over 30 years conceptualizing, designing, and building very unique sculptures. By combining a variety of techniques and materials with humor and unbridled creativity, his sculptures create lasting impressions in anyone who sees them. His respect for nature, history, and detail is apparent, and he prides himself on always delivering more than anticipated.

The “And More” section of his GALLERY showcases a melting pot of smaller sculpture, commissions, and architectural ornamentation. One of these collections, bronze busts, answers many client requests for smaller, more immediate and less-expensive sculptures. They can also make excellent gifts, for both personal or business needs. The gallery features a variety of stock editions and one-of-a-kind commissions.

The individual elements that Roger creates can also be rendered as andirons, gate finals, door knockers, or free-standing garden ornamentals, thus adding to their functionality. Because natural weathering of bronze enhances the available palette of patinas, it is compatible with a natural environment.