DiTarando Sculpture



Roger welcomes inquires from landscape architects and is happy to discuss requirements for any scale project. Many of his smaller pieces fit well into a compact landscape, whereas others are more suited to large properties. In addition, the sculptures are handcrafted to order and can be modified to fit a specific size or theme.

The range of size, styles and materials offered by Roger will ensure that you find the sculpture which best complements the design and ambience of the intended landscape. Because each piece is constructed of weatherproof, non-ferrous metals, such as copper, bronze and stainless steel, they are weatherproof and durable. DiTarando artwork can grace any landscape for years to come.

Every sculpture can be carefully crated and shipped countrywide via UPS, freight carrier, or Fed X. Shipping costs are determined based on sculpture size and weight, and delivery location. Please call or email to discuss design options and pricing.

Over the years, Roger has developed many reproducible pieces. Through previously constructed molds, dies, and tooling, he can create finished sculptures that are considerably less expensive and time consuming as a one-of-a-kind. These edition and series works can also be tailored to suit a specific client need. A brief explanation of each type of DiTarando sculpture is as follows:

Edition pieces rarely stray from a standard template; however, different elements from these individual sculptures can be merged with others to create a unique piece.

Goats, sheep, herons, spirited birds, birdbaths, and gates are all examples of sculpture that are designed with the option of making alterations.

Cross Over
The interchange of series themes, for example why not a Japanese crane sculpture set in a bed of river stone on a path to a corresponding gate – fence  and exterior light all with relating themes, granted this could get busy or over done but if done correctly it could be incredible. 

With one-of-a-kind sculptures, both the design and fabrication processes begin from scratch. Whereas the result is a unique DiTarando “original”, they are considerably more expensive and take longer to produce.