DiTarando Sculpture



Birdbaths are beautiful accent pieces to gardens of any size or shape. They can be used to refresh local feathered friends while serving as decorative elements. DiTarando birdbaths are constructed entirely of copper and bronze. They are completely weatherproof and never need maintenance of any kind.

When ordering a birdbath, clients should consider initial design decisions, such as diameter, height, pedestal or non-pedestal, along with how they envision the design to grow. The piece can be simple and elemental, developed from such motifs such as branches, leaves, vines, or a nest with baby birds. The simplicity can be expanded by adding such enhancements as a beautiful mounting stone or the introduction of water flow.

By working with his clients, Roger can create something that will exist in harmony with the theme of the intended landscape design. That theme can be also carried into auxiliary installations such as gates, water features, trellises and arbors.

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