DiTarando Sculpture



No artist can truly capture the essence of a natural thing. Rather than try, Roger DiTarando chooses to use his art as an exercise in reverence. The slyness of a fox's eyes, the chaos of layers in a rooster's feathering, the sleek body language of a big cat, even the bumps and turns of a common cucumber these are the details that Roger works and reworks, the tangible, palpable, knowable signs of a deeper natural mystery.

Using a variety of techniques in unique combinations direct metal assemblage, die-forming, lost-wax casting Roger has forged a reputation as a sculptor of singular craftsmanship and inventive precision, a traditionalist who breaks the rules and an innovator who pays homage to the past. His work adorns houses, gardens, and museums; his weathervanes are rural landmarks; and his architectural restorations have made buildings come alive for thousands of city-dwellers.

His subject is always nature and, by definition, always changing. Notice the boldness of design and blacksmith artistry in his metal sculptures, often married with his sense of humor. And never forget his abiding respect for nature and an appreciation of the mysteries no man can ever unravel.

Roger began studying the sculptural relationship between man and animal over 30 years ago. The philosophy of using primitive construction methods while exploring primal relationships continues to be a personal fascination.

Once he developed natural, instinctive way of both thinking and working, Roger embarked on a campaign to broaden his knowledge of new construction methods, such as casting, die-forming, mold and pattern making. His understanding of both subject and technology has helped to develop and maintain lasting client relationships.

The commission of a DiTarando original means that a client will be working with a sculptor whose skill and talent are augmented by the vast knowledge he has gained from working with and learning from architects, landscapers, art consultants, curators, decorators, and historic planners. Visit Roger's extensive GALLERY for a sampling of his work.